An Integrated Omnichannel Platform

Deliver Unified Commerce, Everywhere

Integrate your retail channels to achieve omnichannel. Unify the sales channels of your business —whether online, offline or on-the-go— to deliver an “Everywhere Commerce” experience wherein your customers can buy from and communicate with your brand, anytime and anywhere. Exceed expectations and delight shoppers by providing seamless customer experiences characterised by personalisation, convenience and ease.

Create those seamless omnichannel commerce experiences by streamlining customer, product and company data from all sales channels. From fashion to footwear, home goods to hardware, our flexible platform supports nearly every business size and retail vertical.

iVend offers cutting-edge omnichannel retail software

All-in-One POS is at the heart of your enterprise. Manage inventory, customer profiles, promotions and more. All from one place.

Omnichannel includes the pop-up shop and the sales floor, too. With iVend mPOS, you can meet customers wherever they are so that they leave feeling amazed.

With eCommerce Integration, you can sell all over the world

iVend Loyalty will help you better understand your customers. Glean insights from buying behavior, browsing history and detailed analytics. Slide into DMs with personalised messaging and incentives.

Send coupons, gift cards, special offers and promotions straight-to-smartphone. It’s easier on the planet and easier for your tech-savvy customers.

iVend Reporting & Analytics

Enjoy a single source of analytical truth with enterprise-wide reporting and analytics.

  • Make better decisions.
  • Plan ahead with foresight and confidence.
  • Attract more customers and make more of them happy.

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