Transact, Upsell and Liaise with your Customers

iVend Retail’s sophisticated retail management suite enables you to keep pace with what your customers demand. Transact, upsell, and liaise with your customers using technology that seamlessly integrates point of sale, inventory management, logistics, eCommerce, click & collect (BOPIS), loyalty, and back office operations.

Inventory Transparency

Track stock wherever it is in your business, and ensure you make the sale even if it means shipping from a separate location. Use business intelligence and analytics tools to assess performance and then react, in real time.

Mobile & Integrated

Let your POS and ERP – be it SAP, Sage X3, Sage 300, Microsoft Dynamics, or an alternative – talk to each other and work in harmony in the cloud or on premise, while avoiding operational silos.

Scalable & Secure

Whether on-premise or in-cloud, implement technology that allows for scalability and security, and enables you to get on with the business of serving the shopper wherever and whenever they choose to interact and transact with you.

iVend know fashion retail and have helped businesses in this sector from around the globe drive sales, life-time customer value and efficiencies.

To deliver the customer service bookstore visitors require, you need to be able to quickly look up titles, authors and publishers, and iVend Retail supports seamless search at POS.

A consumer electronics purchase requires a service-led sale, and you want technology that simplifies processes and helps you provide a first-class experience to everyone who comes into your stores.

Shoe retailers from across the globe have used iVend Retail’s technology to drive sales, improve in-store customer experience and generate operational efficiencies.

Sell on the Shop Floor
With homeware and furniture store visits involving lots of touch and feel activity on the shopfloor, complete the sale where your shopper is with mobile point of sale technology that cuts out the need for queuing and helps conversions.

As you blend new format stores, hypermarkets, convenience shops and eCommerce, you want technology that simplifies, boosts brand experience and creates compelling customer service.

Health and beauty retail must find a balance between functional and discrete sales and service-led, experiential encounters.
Use iVend Retail’s replenishment planning solutions to get the right mix.


Home improvement and hardware shoppers often need guidance and assurance.
Use iVend Retail’s mobile POS technology to serve them and demonstrate products in the most valuable way.

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