Send Loyalty Cards, Coupons, Tickets & More to Your Customers’ Mobile Phone Wallets

As more shoppers turn to their smartphones for higher retail convenience, isn’t it time you delivered them coupons, offers, gift certificates and loyalty cards – digitally?

iVend Passes is a cloud-based application for mobile marketing. Send passes that can be stored in the native digital wallet on a smartphone – like Apple Wallet or Android Pay – to be redeemed at any point of sale.

Send Loyalty Cards, Coupons, Tickets, Gift Cards, Membership Cards, Sales Updates, Offers and geolocation-specific Communications.

Available on iOS or Android mobile devices, iVend Passes helps retailers offer targeted and relevant digital offers without the hassle of a custom mobile application. iVend Passes seamlessly integrates with the iVend Retail management suite or can be used with any existing POS system via open APIs.

Why Choose iVend Passes

Offer Seamless Customer Experiences

  • Enable customers to save your branded coupons and offers to their mobile wallets
  • Ensures that customers can access the most up to date balances and expiry dates for gift cards and loyalty cards at any time, so usage and engagement increases
  • No need for customers to carry paper or plastic cards or cut coupons, as redemption uses scanable bar codes on their phones
  • Customers receive offers based on geo-location proximity to stores

Mobilize Offers & Loyalty

  • Offer and loyalty card creation, design and location management for all mobile wallet content
  • Drive more positive opinions of loyalty programs amongst consumers
  • Send more relevant, targeted offers

Gain Better Customer Insights

  • Track redemptions both in-store and online
  • Instant updates based on geo-tagged passes
  • Leverage customer engagement statistics for business optimisation and planning
  • Ensure that the benefits are accrued by the actual customer via his device

Enhanced Customer Engagement

  • Offer only timely and relevant communications
  • Boost social media exposure and gain new customers
  • Increase foot traffic by staying top-of-mind with your clientele

Flexible Integrations

  • Fully integrates with iVend Retail management suite
  • Works alongside any existing third-party POS system via APIs

Simplify the burden of coupon definitions and validation and say goodbye to cumbersome paper coupons with loyalty, coupon and pass management with a range of technical features to support your marketing efforts.

How can iVend Retail help?
iVend Passes is a platform for retailers to deploy digital coupons, cards and offers on iOS and Android devices.

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