Effortlessly level up your retail operations to deliver seamless customer experiences across all sales channels with complete omni-channel retail management.

Enterprise Retail on Cloud

Achieve omnichannel excellence with data from all sales channels and transactions available from a single integrated platform.
iVend Retail is designed for the way retailers work today with a highly flexible deployment, enabling retailers worldwide to add on capabilities and scale as they grow – from mid-sized chains to franchises to large enterprises.

Optimised for Omnichannel

Customer-centric software capabilities designed to deliver engaging, seamless shopping experiences across digital and physical channels

Seamless Integrations

Fully customisable and extensible with out-of-the-box integrations to SAP, Sage, Microsoft, and third-party and customer facing solutions via API

Scalable Technology

SaaS that scales as your business needs change, suitable for chains with hundreds of stores across multiple geographies and currencies

Low Total Cost of Ownership

Cloud-based Software as a Service complete with managed services that is easy to deploy and maintain, without costly infrastructure overhead

iVend Retail provides a digital store platform to streamline your in-store, head-office and online operations with integrated modules for POS, Mobile POS, eCommerce, customer loyalty, digital passes, inventory management and business analytics. Complete your retail technology ecosystem with certified ERP integrations to help your organisation optimise data use and gain enterprise-wide visibility.

Enterprise Retail

iVend specialises in delivering Enterprise Retail on Cloud for large retail chains.

Unlike POS providers, iVend Retail delivers a complete retail management solution for large retail businesses on a Software-as-a-Service model, including application and infrastructure management, with 24/7 support services.

Designed for total control and maximum visibility across the enterprise-level retail environment, iVend Retail collates business reporting and transactional merchandise, store, and customer data into a single cloud-based replication dashboard giving retail leadership new control and insights for the critical job of delivering exceptional customer experience.

iVend Retail scales to accommodate complex, multi— geography, currency, subsidiary, and language businesses running hundreds of points of sale.

Mid Market Retail

Whether you’re managing a small business or running dozens of points of sale, iVend Retail provides a flexible retail management solution on Cloud.

Grow your business and run more efficiently with software designed to streamline your business operations and deliver exceptional customer experiences across all sales channels.

iVend’s fully integrated omnichannel software means that you can start with the POS with powerful inventory management and reporting workflows to gain a more accurate picture of sales performance both online/offline and in-store, add on mobile POS, customer loyalty and digital coupons, and integrate to your eCommerce platform and ERP so your POS terminals, back-office and head-office remain in sync with consolidated views of business performance – so you can make smarter business decisions and keep growing.

Whether you’re running 10 stores or hundreds, iVend Retail is highly scalable and designed to support your business throughout its growth.

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