The retail industry is facing its biggest hurdle yet as a result of the global pandemic. Shoppers may even be slow to return to brick and mortar stores, and social distancing and stricter hygiene protocols are here to stay as businesses continue to adhere to health authority recommendations.

Many retailers are pushing ahead through these challenging times and planning for the future with innovative ways to offer their products and services online.

The temporary closure of brick and mortar stores has driven the popularity and necessity of online shopping to levels not seen previously, and exposed weaknesses in the supply chain. Your brand loyalty is being tested as product availability guides purchase decisions, however with the right tools you can easily pivot and capture valuable sales without interruption.

Retailers with omnichannel capabilities are the ones who are able to continue fulfilling their customers’ needs, and thrive during this time.

Embrace the new normal

It is more important than ever to have an omnichannel business strategy to stay ahead and be ready for a robust restart of business as the market reopens.

In adapting to what is now described as the new normal, retailers are thinking outside the box and with an emphasis on safety are looking to extend their online customer service to include contactless payment and delivery options such as Buy Online, Pickup Curbside, as well as ‘drive by’ orders delivered directly to customer’s vehicles.

For retailers yet to launch an online sales presence or now realising the value of tightly connected physical and digital sales channels, iVend Digital Commerce is designed to accelerate your online presence, so you can start selling today.

Pivot to digital commerce

Omnichannel solutions empower retail brands to pivot in an agile manner – seamlessly moving inventory from one channel to the next in the face of interruption – and to leverage digital commerce in the move from response to recovery.

Adapting to the “new normal” requires a concentrated retail strategy. No longer is just getting online enough, the interaction between sales channels has become the hallmark of omnichannel retail success as digital commerce drives brick and mortar and vice versa.

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